1. Remote desktop into the AOS
  2. Make sure AOS is started
  3. Copy previous model store file to local C:\drive\modelstores
    1. In the examples below, we assume the file name is: “MicrosoftDynamicsAX.axmodelstore”
  4. Create temp schema 
    1. Open AX powershell

Initialize-axmodelstore –schemaname TempSchema030420

NOTE:  030420 is an example date.  Use the current date

  1. Import modelstore to temp schema
    1. Open AX powershell

Import-axmodelstore –file c:\modelstores\MicrosoftDynamicsAX.axmodelstore 

–schemaname TempSchema030420 –idconflict overwrite

  1. Stop AOS services 
  2. Direct to look at the temp schema
    1. Open AX powershell

Import-axmodelstore –apply: TempSchema030420 –backupschema old

  1. Delete contents of the XppIL directory (roughly 2005 files)—including any sub-folders
    1. Example: C:\program files\microsoft dynamics ax\60\server\AXDR\bin\xppil
  2. Start the AOS service 
    1. This will take longer than usual because it has to recreate the contents of the XPPIL folder
  3. Do a DB sync 
    1. Go into AOT
    2. Right-click Data Dictionary in tree 
    3. Choose Synchronize
  4. Deploy all report changes
    1. Open AX powershell
    2. Publish-axreport –reportname *