Location of Installation Files

Navigate to UNC Path hosting Ax Installation Files

Batesville:  \\npstgaos01\Software\DynamicsAX
Datacenter:  \\prdaos04\Software\DynamicsAx

Component Installation

  • Under "Install" section, click "Microsoft Dynamics AX components"

  • Follow the prompts and accept the EULA

  • Select Add/Modify Components

  • Install IIS Web Services and other pre-requisites

Configure Web Services

  • Edit Website bindings in IIS for AX website

  • Click Edit and specify Port.

                DEV Etires: 5173

                PROD Etires:  5174

  • Restart IIS services

  • Open Ax and navigate to System Administration\Services and Application Integration Framework\Websitess.

  • Verify / Validate the website:port previously configured. *Alternatively the data refresh script may take care of this.

  • From Ax, navigate to System Administration\Services and Application Integration Framework\Inbound Ports. Verify URI / WSDL addresses.

  • From this page, Click Deactivate / Activate as necessary and make sure port comes up with green check box.

  • From IE web browser on a domain PC, try to navigate to the URI and see if the page comes up or gives an IIS error to validate the web services are up on the server.  If services are up, you should see a page similar to the following.

Firewall Configuration / Setup

This is to be completed by DK network administrator.  Firewall rules must be set to map external public IP address to internal private IP address and port.

The current IP / port rules are as follows:


PRDDM01.dktire.com:5173 ( --> NPDRAOS01:5173 (


PRDDM01.dktire.com:5173 ( --> NPTSTAOS01:5173 (


PRDWEB01.dktire.com:5173 ( --> PRDWEB01:5174 (