This would be the steps when you are restoring both data and code database


  1. Stop the AOS
  2. Restore SQL main data
  3. Restore SQL model data
  4. On the AOS, delete all files and subfolders, in the xppil directory

For test, this would be:

\\NPTSTAOS01\c$\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Server\AXTST01\bin\XppIL

  1. Run the data refresh script
  2. Start the AOS
  3. If AX database and _model database are not from the same date, you will need to do a dbsync
    1. Go to AOT
    2. Right click on the data dictionary node
    3. Select “synchronize”
  4. Deploy all reports

On the AOS, open AX PowerShell

Run this command

Publish-axreport –reportname *