There isn’t really a defined place within AX to put quotas.  I had to improvise in other areas of AX, specifically campaigns.  The first thing you need to do is setup campaign groups, campaign targets, and campaign types.  From there, you’ll just add a new campaign for each quota each month.


  1. Under “Sales and Marketing”, then “Setup”, then “Campaigns”, click on “Campaign Group”.  Once there, you’ll create a group for each sales group.  So under company 20, ours looks like this:



  1. Next, go to “Campaign Target”.  This is the field that’s used to select the number of workdays in the month.  There, you can probably just copy our setup exactly.  There’s between 19-23 workdays each month.  This is used to determine the salesmen’s daily progress toward a quota.  To get the target daily quota, it’s going to divide whatever value you put in for the monthly quota by the number of workdays you select in this field.



  1. Next, go to the next menu option, “Campaign Types”.  There, you’re just going to setup one item, the salesmen quota.



  1. Steps 1-3 are just done once as part of the initial setup.  Once they’re done, you will complete only this 4th step each month.  Under “Sales and Marketing” and “Campaigns”, click on “All Campaigns”.  Click the “New Campaign” box in the upper left part of the screen.  In the pop-up box, fill in all values…  Choose the “Group” and “Target” and then enter the quota amount (in number/decimal format)—so $1M is 1000000.00.  If you enter commas or the $, it probably won’t work.  The other important thing to change is the Start Date and End Date.  The dashboard query is looking for quotas with a start date of the 1st and an end date of the last day of the month.  If you use anything else here, it won’t work.  See example below.  So for each month, you just come here and create however many new campaigns (one for each group).  It doesn’t take very long at all—but you have to setup all the other stuff the first time.