While in Ax, you may receive the following print error while trying to print.  There are several reasons this may occur.  You can avoid these issues if you follow our best practices and recommendations.  If you get the error, please follow the steps below to resolve.

Error:  Settings to access printer

Error:  Invalid printer settings

Best Practices to Avoid Ax Print Issues

  • Do NOT use a printer with "(redirected xxx)". This printer is used as a backup and if printing is needed while working remote. Printing to this printer results in much slower print processing times. Also, on some Ax print functions, it will result in the error above. "Redirected" printers are also sometimes not supported by every printer model, so it's possible, you may not be able to print at all if you use this option.
  • Always print to one of the printers ending in (psrv).  These are managed DK printers and are, in general more reliable options. 
  • We recommend you select an option that prints to screen first rather than automatically print to the printer during the post operation.  There, you will see the normal Windows print dialogue.  We understand there are a few more mouse clicks, but we have documented slower printer processing times with this method.  This also allows you to avoid the error above.  Many times when we need to troubleshoot printing issues, we need to set it like this to determine the issue.