Sometimes you may find your GoTo app is misbehaving.  There are some basic things to try before reaching out to tech support.  Please try the following if your are having trouble.

  1. Close / Re-open the App by clicking HelpàTroubleshooting à Clear Cache and Exit

  2. You can try to reload by pressing Ctrl + R or click the “Reload” option by navigating to View à Reload.

  3.  If having trouble with the  hard phone, reboot the phone by unplugging the power cord or ethernet cable if no power cord is present.  You can also reboot the phone by navigating the phone to Menu -> Basic -> Press 9 or Select "Reboot" Option, and then press OK.


  4.  If none of these work, you can reboot your PC.  

    **Please do these things first as Tech Support will have you try these if you haven't already.