Dunlap and Kyle GoToConnect extensions should be viewable on the GoTo Yealink phone.   e directory is a list of extensions of the current Dunlap and Kyle GoToConnect users at all locations using this phone system.  It does not include those on ShoreTel or other phone systems.  If this feature is not turned on for a user’s device, please contact the Help Desk to get this feature enabled.

Begin by pressing the button next to “Directory” on the Yealink LED screen.


You will see a “Remote Phone Book” and a “Local Directory” on the screen.  Select the “Remote Phone Book” by highlighting the desired selection with the directional keys next to the number pad.


Select by either pressing the button below “Enter” in the bottom right of the screen, pressing the associated number with “Remote Phone Book” which in the case is 1, or by pressing the center OK button on the directional keypad.


On the next page, choose “Dunlap & Kyle Company, Inc – GTC” using the same method as above.


This will display a list of names and extensions.  You can scroll through the list with the directional keys next to the number pad and hit the button below “Send” to call that extension.  Or you can use the “Search” feature.


To use the “Search” feature, press the button below “Search”.  You will receive a screen with an empty text box at the top.


Here you will use the number pad to enter a user to search.  The number pad will use the characters assigned to it on the key.  For example, a “2” will have the letters “A, B, and C”.  A 7 will have “P, Q, R, and S”.  One press of the key will produce the first letter assigned, two presses for the second letter, three presses for the third, and so on.  So to search for a user’s extension that is assigned to someone named Joe, you will need to will need to press, “5, 6, 6, 6, 3, 3” in order to spell Joe.  (The extension last name and extension in the example have been edited to protect the guilty.)


Below is a screenshot of what you will see if you press the number 8.  It shows what characters are available by pressing this number key when pressed the corresponding number of times.


One final note when using this feature.  When you locate an extension that you may call frequently or want to add it as a contact on the local directory of the phone, highlight the extension and press the button below “Options”.


A menu will pop up allowing you to use the directional pad to select “Add to Contacts” and press the “OK” button.  You will be able to edit the contact details locally on your phone if you would like by using the same text entering procedures as in the search.  When finished, press the button below “Save”.  This will NOT add the contact to your GoTo app, only the phone itself.