• GoTo user is using physical handset
  • User is initiating calls from the app
  • The app is pointed to the Yealink and not the “softphone”.  (Softphone can only be used with headset attached to PC)


The Fact

In this case, if the user uses the app to initiate a call, it is handed over / transferred to the Yealink.  This causes the Yealink to ring.  The contact’s phone does NOT start ringing until the user clicks the “Answer” button on the Yealink.  This ring is simply the handoff from the app to the Yealink.  If the user doesn’t click the answer button on the phone, it will show a missed call from the person he was trying to call and that customer will never get a ring. 


The Why

This is one  of the limitations when using the app while pointed to the Yealink.   This is a limitation of the VoIP system and how it operates across the Internet. Other VoIP systems we have evaluated also operate in this manner. 


The Fix

There are a couple ways to avoid this, but nothing we can force or globally change.

  1. The user can click answer button soon as they dial the number from the app.  This simply transfers the call from the app to the Yealink. The customer still has to answer.  This will not show a missed call.
  2. Dial directly from the Yealink
  3. Use a headset and the softphone through the PC app