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Install Ax Report Instance Extensions (run from SSRS Server)

Install-AXReportInstanceExtensions -ReportServerInstanceName AXDEV04 -Credential corp\axbcnp -ServicesAOSWSDLPort 8101 -servicesfilepath \\dkds\common\software\ax\config\AXDEV04.axc

Ax SSRS Application Configuration

For new deployed SSRS instance, you must click to "create report folder" before clicking "Validate Settings".

Deploy Ax Reports

Method 1

Publish Reports (run from AOS Server)

publish-axreport -id AXDEV04_SSRS -ReportName *

Method 2

Publish Reports (run from SSRS Report Server)

publish-axreport -id NPDEVAOS04_SSRS -ServicesAOSWSDLPort 8101 -servicesfilepath \\dkds\common\software\ax\config\AXDEV02.axc -ReportName *


Restart Ax SSRS Reporting Instance and AOS service after deployment

Confirm the appropriate Ax service accounts exist and are enabled under SysAdmin\Users
    -PROD (axaosprd,axbcprd)
    -DEV (axaosnp,asbcnp)

Make sure the following permisisons are configured for the DynamicsAX folder in SSRS.  "CORP\Domain Users" MUST have Browser  privilege or else they won't be able to run Ax reports.