The following guide is relevant only to the DK recommended Samsung TV's that have the built-in "Remote Access" app.  Anything else used to run the sales dashboard is unsupported.

Instructions to Display Sales Dashboard on Samsung TV's

Follow the Steps Below:

Step 1: Open the "Remote Access" Samsung TV App

  • Open the main menu and choose "Source" option.
  • Find the "REMOTE ACCESS" App and select to open.

  • Select the "Remote PC" option under "Featured Functions"

Step 2: Configure the Connection Profile

  • Enter the information below to configure the PC/Profile for the Remote PC

Username: [site]salesdashboard (1001salesdashboard)
Password: ***Request from DKIT***
Protocol: RDP (for windows users)

  • Check the option to "Remember my credentials".

  • Click the "Connect" button