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Custom Wallpaper Picture Limitations

Adjusting the wallpaper is only compatible with all color-screen phones and expansion modules.

Some smaller or larger pictures may be scaled to fit the screen. The wallpaper picture format must meet the following requirements:


Phone Model



File Size

VP59.jpg, .png, .bmp1280x800<= 5MB
EXP50, EXP43272x480


Adding Custom Wallpaper Via URL Download

A Yealink device can download an image from a URL to the phone inventory and then display it as the active wallpaper using two different configuration parameters:


This first parameter sets the URL that the phone will use to download the file. The value of this parameter is limited to 511 characters. 

Depending on if you're going to display this downloaded photo on the phone, expansion module, or both determines the use of the second configuration parameter(s): 


This configuration chooses the photo from the available inventory of photos on the phone to display as the wallpaper. The value of these parameters must be the exact name and file extension of the downloaded image.

Example use:


In this case the phone would download the image zpJwMzd.jpg hosted at and then display it on the phone. 


Adding Custom Wallpaper Direct from PC

Note: You will need to know the phone's IP address, admin password, and have the custom photo already sized and formatted.

Navigate to the phone's web UI, log into the admin user, and click on

  1. Settings > Preference
  2. Click on Custom Wallpaper
  3. Then click on + Upload Wallpaper


Once you have chosen the file from your computer it will place the picture in the Custom Wallpaper box.

  1. Click on the image and then click Set as wallpaper
  2. Then click on Confirm


Adding Custom Wallpaper From USB Drive 

Note: You must already have an image sized and formatted on a USB drive that is FAT32 or NTFS format.

USB-enabled phones will provide a new menu on the phone when a USB drive is connected. On the phone, navigate to Menu > USB:



Navigate to Browse Photo



Locate the photo you want to use as the wallpaper and tap on Preview



Next, tap on Set As



Then select Set as Wallpaper



Adding Custom Wallpaper From YMCS

Add the resource to YMCS

  1. Navigate to Resource Management
  2. Click on + Add Resource


2. Ensure the following fields are selected and filled out: 

  • Type: Phone Device
  • Resource Type: Wallpaper
  • Resource Name: Custom name for the wallpaper file
  • Site: If you want to limit visibility of this file this to a specific site
  • Select the file from the PC and
  • Then select OK


3. Next, select the file you want to send to the phone(s), click on the Push icon (mceclip3.png) in the operation options


4. A window will appear,

  • Search for the MAC(s) you would like to send the image to
  • Check the selector box(es)
  • Click Push to Update:


5. A second window will appear and prompt for timing of this action. If you would like to send the image to the phone immediately, leave it on At Once and click OK. Otherwise you can schedule when to send the image to the phone by selecting Timing:



The phone's LED should flash and the image will appear as the new wallpaper on the phone.