This video explains how to deploy and configure Aif web services for Dynamics Ax.  This includes installation of the Aif components, Ax client configuration, IIS website certificate, dns configuration, IIS configuration, validating WCF configuration, and deploying the Aif service ports. 

Detailed documentation can be found below:

How to Deploy / Configure Ax Aif Services


Part 1: Introduction

  • Basic introduction to Ax / Aif Webservices
  • Overview of Ax / Aif architecture

Part 2: Installing Aif Components

[FreshDesk KB Article]

  • Installation of Ax Components
  • Prerequisites
  • Location of Source Files
  • Installation of IIS Components

Part 3: Ax Client Configuration

[FreshDesk KB Article]

  • Provisioning / Validating Ax Client Configuration

Part 4: Installing Server Web Certificate (SSL/Https)

[FreshDesk KB Article]

  • Location of Certificate Files
  • Importing Certificate to IIS

Part 5: IIS / DNS Configuration

[FreshDesk KB Article]

  • Configuring DNS Records for Aif Website
  • Naming Conventions / Standards
  • Configuring IIS
  • Configure Port Binding
  • Attach Certificate to Aif Website

Part 6: Validate WCF Configuration

FreshDesk KB: Invalid WCF Configuration

  • Why / How to validate WCF configuration

Part 7: Configure Aif Service Port

[FreshDesk KB Article]

  • Deploy Aif Service Ports
  • Creating / Attaching Aif Website
  • Setting up Https for Aif service port
  • Test / Validate Aif Site

Part 8: Aif Security Configuration / Troubleshooting

[FreshDesk KB Article]

  • Configuring Aif Security
  • Troubleshooting Aif Service
  • Test / Validate Aif Site