DNS Configuration

  • Open DNS Manager
  • Locate tiredev.net, for public facing servers this would need to be configured wherever public DNS is being hosted for the DK domain, otherwise remote devices will be unable to find the new server over the internet.
  • For faster propagation of changes, make DNS changes on nearest domain controller to the server otherwise you will have to wait for AD replication.
  • Create A record in DNS Manager of closest domain controller using naming convention “aif-environment” and input the IP address you wish to have resolve to this host name. For development environment this would be LAN IP.
  • Test new DNS record by pinging the hostname you just created as an A record to see if DNS resolves it to the IP address of the server.

IIS Configuration

  • Open IIS Manager
  • Click on Default Web Site
  • Right click, “edit bindings”
  • Click bindings on right side under Actions menu
  • In pop up window, click add binding, and configure as follows:
    • Change the type to HTTPS 
    • Change the port to 5177
    • Change the hostname to the hostname A record that was created above. 
    • Select the SSL certificate that we uploaded earlier. 
  • Click OK, this creates the HTTPS binding on port 5177 for the AIF service