NOTE: Windows Authentication works, but testing the AIF port must be done from an alternate location, loopback testing on the AIF server itself will fail despite the service actually being functional

Verify there is a website configured in AX

  • Open System Administration -> Websites

  • If no website is present, create one with the “new” button

  • Give it a name using standard naming convention “AIF-$environment”

  • Get virtual directory path by opening share of server in file explorer window, copy file path

  • Get URL path by opening IIS, right clicking on default site “edit bindings” and copy the hostname listed in the HTTPS binding type. Then below the Default Web Site in IIS is the Dynamics randomly generated directory name, append this to the end of the URL along with the standard port number 5177.

  • Finished URL should look similar to
  • Once both are entered, click validate at the top of the Web Sites box in AX, assuming no errors close the window proceed.

  • Open IIS Manager again, right click on the MicrosoftDynamics IIS site, click “edit permissions” then security tab. Verify that the “Microsoft Dynamics AX Web Service Administrators, AX Business Connector, and AX Application Object Server are all listed as full control permissions.


Creating the Inbound Service Port