To better support you and to track tech support requests, we have implemented a new ticket system.  Going forward we would ask you to please complete a tech support helpdesk request to initiate service for your issues. You can open a new ticket with any internet connection at  

This ticketing system is easy to use and helps our team keep track company wide issues and support calls. Our company has grown and this new process will make it easier to track requests and work together to resolve them.  We ask that you would please cooperate by entering helpdesk support requests for ALL non-urgent issues.  If you have a dire emergency, please call 662-712-1300.  This number may also be used for after hours support.  If no one from tech support is immediately available to answer, please leave a message and we will promptly call you back.  If you don’t leave a message we have no way of knowing you called.  

For all general requests, please submit a helpdesk request on the new ticketing system.  If you call us for a non-urgent issue, we will direct your call to someone who can walk you through the process of creating a ticket.  Please cooperate with us and do your part so we can serve you in a timely manner.  We can accomplish more for you when are able to stay focused on the task at hand without interruptions.

 After submitting a ticket you will receive automated emails from “Dunlap & Kyle Tech Support” (  Do not be alarmed.  These emails are legitimate and notify you when a ticket progresses through the system, is updated, requires your input, or is closed.  You may respond directly to the email but do not alter the email recipients or we will not get the response.  Your replies will be added to the ticket notes.  You may sign-in at any time or click the ticket link inside the email to see the progress or add responses.

 In addition to this, there is a public Knowledge base we have started building for common requests.  The system can detect your issue based on your response when creating a ticket and recommend solutions for you.  You may find that the answer is right in front of you.  We are in the process of building and adding new support articles.  They can be searched for and accessed by clicking the “Solutions” link at the top of the portal.


The ticket system can be accessed from anywhere by the following method.  You do not have to be on the Dunlap & Kyle network or VPN to submit a ticket.  You can submit one from your personal computer as well as your smartphone.  You can navigate to the mobile site on your smartphone or download the app from the App Store.


Method 1: Access from a web browser


Method 2: Access from the FreshDesk smartphone app

Download the FreshDesk app from the iPhone App Store or the Android App Store and sign-in using your O365 Dunlap & Kyle Email credentials.





If accessing from Method 1 and you have an email address issued by Dunlap & Kyle:
Note:  This is the preferred method and gives you more options and allows you to sign in to track your ticket and see real-time progress.  You can copy/paste images as well.


  1.  Click the Login button in upper right-hand corner of your screen

  2. Click the "Login Here" link under "Are you a customer?"

  3. Sign in with your existing Dunlap & Kyle issued email address and password.

  4. Complete the form and click Submit.







Dunlap & Kyle IT Department

(p) 662.712.1300 (Tech Support)