Login Procedure

To authenticate and sign-in to the GoTo Connect PC, Mobile, or Web App, DK IT Support will have to provision your account for login.  Once this is completed, you will be able to sign in to the app using your existing DK login credentials.  The username should be your DK company issued email address and your password should be the same one you use to sign in to the PC.  Please carefully follow the steps below to sign in to the app.

Sign In Methods

Web Application

Graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message

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Simply navigate your web browser to https://app.goto.com.  This can be accessed from anywhere in the world provided you have access to the Internet.   

GoTo Connect PC App

A blue screen with white text

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Open the GoTo Connect App from your PC Start Menu or from the icon on your desktop

Step 1

Graphical user interface, application, website

Description automatically generatedNavigate to the web app (https://app.goto.com) or open the GoTo Connect PC/Mobile App and Click the “Sign In” button.


  Step 2 

Enter your DK company issued email address in the format of user@dktire.com, and click “Next”.


Step 3

Click the button labeled “Sign in with Company ID”.  **Do NOT click the “Sign in” button or enter a password on this screen.

Step 4

When you see the Dunlap & Kyle splash screen, enter your email address again in the format of user@dktire.com, and click “Next”.


 Step 5

Next, enter your Dunlap & Kyle password.  This password should be the same one you use for logging in to email and your PC.  Then, click “Sign in”.



Step 6
If connecting with the Web App (using a web browser), Click “Allow” to allow the app access to your web cam and PC microphone if applicable

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If you have any questions or can’t get signed in, please reach out to Dunlap & Kyle IT Support by one of the following methods:

Submit a Ticket

Call Dunlap & Kyle Tech Support
 (662) 712-1300