If you are on the development team for Dunlap & Kyle, you may be required to access company resources through a private managed workspace.  This workspace is a personal desktop experience hosted by AWS platform.  It is similar in nature to a Virtual Machine.  These are often referred to as Cloud PC's.  You can follow the instructions below to install and connect to your AWS Workspace.

To access D&K company resources, you will be required to download and run the AWS Workspace client application.  You will NOT be able to access workspace through a web browser due to our MFA requirement.  Once installed, you will use the workspace client to access your personal desktop.

You will not be required to install or connect to VPN in order to access the workspace.  Once you login to the workspace, you will then connect to VPN (if required) to access internal company resources.  The VPN app is already installed on the workspace.

System Requirements

64-bit Microsoft Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or Windows 11.


Amazon WorkSpaces Client Download 

Installation Instructions

WorkSpaces Windows client application - Amazon WorkSpaces 

Connecting to your Workspace

WorkSpaces Windows client application - Amazon WorkSpaces

The first time that you run the client application, you are prompted for your registration code, which is contained in your welcome email. The WorkSpaces client application uses the registration code and user name to identify which WorkSpace to connect to. When you launch the client application later, the same registration code is used. To enter a different registration code, launch the client application, and then choose Change Registration Code at the bottom of the login page.

Registration Code: SLiad+UV6RAF

Click "Continue" to signin to the workspace.

Enter your sign-in credentials in the login screen and choose Sign In. 

After entering your login, multi-factor authentication (MFA) will be required.  Please complete the SafeNet MFA request to continue.  If you have not been issued a MFA token, please request one from D&K IT department.

Once you complete authentication, you workspace will begin loading.  Do not be alarmed if it takes a few minutes.  The workspace goes into sleep mode after hours of inactivity. 

After the client application connects to your WorkSpace, your WorkSpace desktop is displayed.

**Do not be alarmed if the first time you sign into the workspace takes an unusual amount of time.  There are many one-time processes that run to complete the Workspace configuration.